An agile office environment provides organizational adaptability and offers room for physical and mental mobility.
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Businesses that want to be competitive today, as well as in the future, face various challenges. It is now imperative that the working world is adaptable, can attract and motivate employees, promotes innovation and takes sustainability into account. Whether in the war for talent or the acquisition of new clients, companies that want to remain competitive must recognize the workplace as an important factor in a business’s success.

Icon Agilität

Creating agility

In the digital age, agility is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses. Organizations must be reactive and able to adapt themselves to the general market dynamic and constantly accelerate innovation cycles. The adaptability of the workspace is a crucial element for ensuring flexible work and for accomodating rapidly changing teams.

Icon Innovation

Living innovation

The subject of innovation is no longer only about new products and services. Additionally, it’s about thinking “outside the box”; taking new paths and testing new methods that were unknown until now. But the need to solve tasks quickly and simply remains unchanged. Businesses today face the challenge of continually developing their strategies in order to remain successful.

Icon Produktivität

Facilitating productivity

For many employees, an attractive workplace is one of the most important factors in well-being. It’s no wonder that satisfaction in the workplace can increase productivity by 5-15%. An optimal working environment should offer employees a wide variety of possibilities for collaboration, exchange, concentration and relaxation. But the correct environment is not enough: company culture and modern technology must also support and promote employee flexibility in the working landscape.

Icon Mitarbeiter

Attracting employees

Knowledge workers today are the most valuable resources of a business. Firms all over the world compete to attract and retain the best talent. An attractive, prestigious workplace is crucial for impressing employees. But for many businesses, the demographic change is also a balancing act between the expectations of the younger generation and the requirements of older employees.

Icon Nachhaltigkeit

Promoting sustainability

Sustainable, ecological and socially responsible economic activity is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. In recent years, increasing environmental awareness has resulted in a more sustainable management of buildings. Minimalizing energy consumption is an important part of office space planning. Intelligent workplace concepts take into account not only technical aspects but also flexible work methods and processes in order to reduce energy consumption.

Our Services

Integrally designed.

With a comprehensive range of services, we achieve workplace solutions that connect place, people and technology together. In the scope of an integrated project management, we take on all services from the workspace analysis, conception and planning through to project and change management.


  • Building Analysis
  • Space Utilisation Studies
  • User Surveys
  • Interviews & Workshops
  • Technology Assessments
  • Change Readiness Assessments
  • Mobility Analysis


  • Workplace Strategy
  • Areal & Spatial Concept
  • Design Concept
  • Change Management Concept
  • Technology Concept
  • Well-Beeing Concept
  • Flexible Working Concept


  • Layout Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Occupancy Planning
  • Furniture Planning
  • Evaluation


  • Change Management
  • Change Communication
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Accompaniment
  • Quality Assurance